Senior Designer
2016 – 2018

Venture-backed real estate startup, leveraging machine learning and network effects to create a smart marketplace that simplifies real estate transactions for the modern age.
As Senior Designer at GoldenKey, I was responsible for overseeing and executing a comprehensive spectrum of branded collateral for the business. I integrated a team of UX/UI designers, content creators, and developers across three offices and three timezones. During my tenure, I worked closely with our nimble product team to develop new product offerings and go-to-market-strategy. I oversaw and built the brand from the earliest stages, lead the development of our customer-facing web products, designed mobile apps, managed the content of our social media presence and the release cycle and content of our data-driven weekly newsletters.

Later, I worked closely with our analytics partners to craft social media marketing campaigns focusing on communications through the funnel from prospect to repurchase – both bringing in new sales leads with brand awareness and education, and tactically retargeting existing users with sophisticated, localized campaigns. As a venture-backed company we had a number of internal considerations as well; I was the point-man on pitch decks, demos and product presentations for our existing partners and investors, along with working on the development of new enterprise relationships with five of the top 10 institutional investors of real estate in the country.

I've included some selected examples of that work below:
User Experience Artifacts
AI was used to scrub hundreds of thousands of potential customers to identify homeowners who are likely movers. This is an internal document – a user experience teardown of all lcustomer touchpoints in a door-to-door and direct mail marketing campaign, funnel strategy, retargeting, and email communications examples abound.
Quarterly breakdown for two personas/user archetypes: leveraging retrieved data and interviews to map all touchpoints, rate emotions, identify opportunities, and make product improvement recommendations based on revenue impact vs dev intensity.

Users who prepare to list their home would often take advantage of a face-to-face meeting with a partner agent, this is an example of the kind of branded deck they'd take to the client.

Web Design
App Design

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