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I am a student of UX, information architecture, 3D-printing and metal music. I am a native of the Piedmont of North Carolina where I proudly hold the current family record for number of completed Krispy Kreme Challenges.

Focusing my efforts in 2018 on changing and improving government from the outside and from within, I maintain active relationships with Defense and National Security clients, work with initiatives helping place transitioning service members into civilian jobs, and with a variety of campaigns to retain or retake political office seats for public officials that share values and a culture of service that I hope to have a hand in reasserting into the public sphere. In addition, I have found selective opportunities to work on improving healthcare services and agricultural innovation in my home state of North Carolina.

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my work has been called




Bleacher Report



"Not good enough"

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2018 Private Consultancy Practice / Freelance Clients
Tech for Campaigns
Senior Designer, GoldenKey, Durham NC 
2016 NFX Guild, Palo Alto CA 
2016 Senior Designer, SoloPro, San Francisco CA 
2016 BA North Carolina State University, Raleigh NC
2015 Lead Designer, Argeo International Analytics, Paris FR
2014 Creative Director, Formalcorp, Raleigh NC
2013 Graphic Designer, Shift7 Digital, Washington DC
2012 Asst. Designer, Participate, Chapel Hill NC
2011 Campaign Consultant, North Carolina State University Athletics Dept

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